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PSI and Green Alliance briefings

February 2011

Research paper from the Policy Studies Institute: Road transport fuel prices, demand and tax revenues

Briefing paper from Green Alliance: Would a fuel duty stabiliser really be fair?

June 2010

Research paper from the Policy Studies Institute: A new basis for Aviation Taxation

Briefing paper from Green Alliance: Making aviation pay its way

GFC briefings

March 2010

GFC Briefing Paper 8:
Achieving Fairness in Carbon Emissions Reduction:
The Distributional Effects of Green Fiscal Reform

GFC Briefing Paper 7:
Competitiveness and Environmental Tax Reform

GFC Briefing Paper 6:
Reducing Carbon Emissions Through Transport Taxation

GFC Briefing Paper 5:
A Major Green Fiscal Reform for the UK:
Results for the Economy, Employment and the Environment

September 2009
GFC Briefing Paper 4:
Doing What it Takes to Reduce Carbon Emissions:
The Case for Green Fiscal Reform

June 2009
GFC Briefing Paper 3:
Public Opinion on a Green Tax Shift

April 2009
GFC Briefing Paper 2:
How effective are green taxes?

March 2009
GFC Briefing Paper 1:
Lessons from two Green Tax Shifts in the UK

Other publications and presentations

July 2009
Environmental Tax Reform (ETR) in Europe:
The Key to a Resource-Efficient, Low-Carbon Competitive Economy

Final conference of the Anglo-German Foundation’s petrE Project, held in conjunction with GFC.

View the presentations.

GFC Director, Professor Paul Ekins, has contributed to a number of publications and events over the course of the project, links to many of which may be found below.

December 2008
One Planet One Day

November 2008
IPPR ‘Red and Green Taxes’ Launch Event
Sustainable Scotland Network Annual Conference 08

September 2008
Presentation at ‘Entrepreneurship for a Zero Carbon Society’
Annual Conference of the European Environmental Bureau
Green Budget Europe Launch Event

July 2008
The Smith Institute Seminar and Publication: ‘Fair Tax: Towards a Modern Tax System’
Chapter 6: ‘Environmental and Behavioural Taxes’

Green Alliance Report: ‘Is there more to life than trading?’
Chapter 3: ‘Squeezing carbon out of the market: the role of carbon taxes’

…which was quoted in a subsequent speech by Shadow Chancellor, George Osborne

Presentation at the FoE Seminar – The Price of Carbon: What should it be and why?

June 2008
Presentation at the Sustainable Development Commission’s Event ‘Redefining Prosperity’

and associated Think Piece: ‘Policies to achieve dematerialisation’

April 2008
Presentation at the Energy Efficiency Partnership for Homes Event: ‘What’s fair? The social implications of cutting individual CO2 emissions’

October 2007
Presentation at the 8th Global Conference on Environmental Taxation

November 2007
Launch of the Green Fiscal Commission and Baseline Survey