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9 February 2011
Press release: Would a fuel-duty stabiliser really be fair?
In a new report commissioned by Green Alliance, the Policy Studies Institute (PSI) examines the long-term impact on the public finances of the previous government’s decision to abandon fuel duty increases. A key finding of the report is that there is a clear, long-term upward trend in crude oil prices. Consequently, for a fuel-duty stabiliser not to be a burden on the taxpayer, it needs to be based on the acknowledgement of a continued steady increase in petrol prices.
15 June 2010
Press release: Making aviation pay its way
A briefing from Green Alliance, which recommends raising aviation taxation, removing the disparity with road fuel taxation, contributing to the government's fiscal strategy and helping to take the pressure off income tax.
26 October 2009
Press release: Definitive study shows a green tax shift would allow government
Green Fiscal Commission
15 April 2009
Press Release: New Research Asks If Green Taxes effective
Green Fiscal Commission
30 March 2009
Press Release: Independent Tax Commission urges support for Rise in Fuel Duty
Green Fiscal Commission
28 August 2008
Press response: The Burden of Green Taxes - The TaxPayers' Alliance is Wrong
Paul Ekins
24 January 2008
January 08 Launch - Media Backgrounder
Green Fiscal Commission